Hawk-Tech Foundry Equipment 

A Chinese company providing foundry solution ,such as Sand Core Making, Core Shooting Machine and Sand Mixer System.But we are more than industrial builders, we help to accelerate your business; we deliver state of the art technological solution from strategy designed to production.We inspired by people who push their boundaries,People who think differently  visionary and extremely perfectionist creative and passionate.Meticulous planning and constant attention to every aspect of our processes are key to anticipating possible failure or manufacturing problems. Quality Is at the core of the way we do business and we’ve acquired the ISO9001 quality system. In simple terms, we like to say that the smallest things make big things happen. As every project is different every solution is unique tailored to our client's needs. We ensure that our clients have full end to end control over everything we do. Trustworthiness is a fundamental concept. We also offer our business partners regular maintenance and repair services.
At Hawk-Tech we like to think of innovation as fresh thinking that creates results and for more than 14 years we delivered excellence to our business partners.
Our ambition is now to become the leading global provider of foundry solutions.