Our products


Sand Mixer System

We provide complete model of core making machines ,hardening devices ,sand mix machines ,configuration system of Cores and sands and the intelligent management of workshop with the network automation to make the high-quality product and building the excellent service to meet the needs of our customers


Core Shooter Machine

◆The high-performance machine that can operate 24 hours continuously

◆Automatic core removing connection with the robot

◆Sand shooting capacity:20 to 300 liter

◆Fast circulation

◆Reliable design

◆Adopt to the core box no more than 6 workpieces

◆Core removing from the top or the bottom of the core box

◆Flexible core box fixed system

◆Easy handle controllable system(with the function of automatic error inspection)


Roller Convey System

To achieve the delivery of cylinder sand core,cylinder head sand core,crankshaft box sand core and side of the frame bolster sand core by Robots. The transmission structure includes inflatable type and clamp type etc. Can be adopted on the Robot fixture,the accuracy of the core removing repetition can reach to ±0.1mm.